Video product showcase

Show off your products with video

There are various ways to showcase your products such as image galleries, sliders and video. My favorite way to showcase products is via video. I can use still photographs, videos and music files to combine my footage into a great video using text and transition effects.

I can tell a story about a certain product by showing a video of how it’s used. Video is a great way to show the benefits of using the product. You can also offer additional information such as prices, descriptions or even how a certain garment is worn. Please check out the Fisherman pants video to see an example of a video which illustrates how the pants are tied and worn.

Check out this video (1:37) I created using Movavi to showcase a singing bowl, how it’s used, the sound it makes and the benefits it offers. Notice the use of relaxing meditation music which also showcases the sound of the singing bowls. Notice how the music enhances the video watching experience.

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