Tutorial: How to create split screens with Movavi

The reason I love Movavi is two fold. First, because it’s easy to use and learn. It works on a drag and drop basis and allows you to easily re-size, cut, and enhance video clips.

The video I created in Movavi below is 18:43 min long and it talks about how to create a split screen video with 4 screens.   If you’re here to learn how to do it, great! However, if you don’t care about all that stuff, you just want to get to the $59.95 deal, then just simply click here to get to the shopping cart.

If you want to see some of the cool effects and transitions Movavi has to offer, then watch the beginning intro, and then again forward to16:29 in the video to see the ending effects.

Comments are welcome, but please be nice.  I would love to know if this video has helped you and what other aspects of Movavi you would like to learn, if any.

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