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SEO Services

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Lets optimize your WordPress website so that search engines like Google can find you in searches. This is called SEO and stands for search engine optimization.

As you may have guessed, takes SEO very seriously, because it helps your small business get found organically when customer type in specific keywords to seek out YOUR services.

Check out all the SEO services we have to offer, but before you move forward, think about sitemaps.


Have you submitted a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)?  Sitemaps are XML files designed to talk to the search engines and offer important information about your pages.  Google likes sitemaps.

Sitemap generation and GMT submissions are $50. This process only needs to be done once.

Keyword  Optimization

  • Single keyword optimization $99
    •  5 pages
    • 1 keyword per page
    • Yoast SEO plugin – FREE version
  • Five for five optimization $150

    • 5 pages
    • 5 keywords per page
    • Yoast SEO Premium 1 yr


Page and Post Optimization

Each page and post will be optimized according to the keyword or key phrase. One keyword/key phrase per page

Page & post optimization$25$100
($25 savings)
($30 savings)
($35 savings)
Content keyword optimization.Not included
$15 extra for additional page & post
1 page or post included
$12 additional page & post
5 pages or posts included
$8 additional page & post
20 pages or posts included
$4 additional page & post
Keyword title optimizationyesyesyesyes
Keyword description optimizationyesyesyesyes
Facebook SEO - keyword title and description
(image not included)
One keyword/key phrase optimization per pageyesyesyesyes
# of pages or posts1Up to 5 pages or postsUp to 15 pages or postsUp to 45 pages or posts

Image Optimization

Image Optimization$18$70$130$250
# of images1 image5 images10 images25 images
Keyword descriptive alt tagsyesyesyesyes
Size decompression
(Only necessary when site speed is an issue)
$15 extra for one image$25 extra for all 5 images$40 extra for all 10 images$80 extra for all 25 images
Naming conventions - image may be renamed to impress Google and rank higher in the search results$8$15 to rename all 5 images$25 to rename all 10 images$50 to rename all 25 images

Category Optimization

Category OptimizationPost CategoriesProduct Categories
Set up$50$50
(thumbnails/images not included)
$15/category for less than 10
$ 7/category for more than 10
$5/category for 50-100
$15/category for less than 10
$ 7/category for more than 10
$5/category for 50-100


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