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Website analytics is an important step in helping you understand your visitor demographics and how visitors are interacting with your website. Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool which offers detailed website metrics to help you understand your visitors and how they are engaging with your website.
Meetings: Meetings can occur in several ways:

  • In person
  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • Phone

Request service to analyze your website

Let's get together in person or on line to talk about your website metrics.
Service is for only one of the 3 phases.
Verbal Website Analysis$99$195
1 hour discussion about your siteincludedincluded
Website suggestions that will help you improve your SEO and engagementnot includedincluded


Google Analytics Install$99$189
Sink with WordPress siteincludedincluded
Sink with GWT$50included
Sink with AdWords$50included
Sink with your Social Media sites$50included

Full Google Analytics Report – $800

  • Phase 1
  • $280
  • New & returning visitors
  • Top regions

  • Browsers & mobile
  • Recommendations
  • WIB members receive 10% discount
  • Phase 2
  • $280
  • Content
  • Navigation

  • SEO best practice
  • Recommendations
  • WIB members receive 10% discount
  • Phase 3
  • $280
  • Referral traffic
  • Search engine organic traffic
  • Keywords
  • Recommendations
  • WIB members receive 10% discount

How Google Analytics helps you understand your website metrics

  • Audience
    demographics such as age and gender
    Geographic location and language
    New vs returning visitors
    The time your visitors spend on your pages
    The browser your visitors are using to browse your site
    Mobile information
  • Acquisition
    How your visitors got to your page: Referral, direct, organic or social media
  • Behavior
    Site content
    Site speed
    Site search
  • E-commerce websites

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