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Is Yoast SEO Premium Worth It ?

Canadians, save $50/yr on the premium version of Yoast SEO

The free version of Yoast SEO is pretty good, I must admit.  It allows you to optimize for a keyword by giving you access to the title and description meta fields.  The plugin also allows you to optimize for Twitter and Facebook, which is another cool bonus.  In addition, you get an XML sitemap which can be added to Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools.  Doing so gives the search bots a deeper look into your website to help determine how relevant and unique the pages are, which in turn helps boost your search ratings.

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How to add “continue reading” to WordPress blogs

Have you ever been to a site and you wanted to preview their blogs, but the previews were the length of the entire blog and you were forced to scroll through endless text and images?  There is a very simple solution.

You can insert a short piece of code which will cut down your blog preview and display continuereading.  All you have to do is add this little piece of code where you want your blog to stop:  <!- -more- ->

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By vs

 Information on this page is retrieved from: “ vs A Definitive Guide For 2014”

People often ask about the differences of hosting their websites at or This article will compare the pros and cons of both services.

As we dive in to learn more about the two pros and cons of the two WordPress hosting services, let’s first look at what each service offers in general.

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